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A Guide on How to Choose a Photo Booth

You are planning to have a photo booth at your event but you don’t know exactly where to start. This is a common challenge for anyone trying to plan an event, especially if you want a photo booth. With the following, you can determine how to select the photo booth that is right for your grand occasion.

  1. Asking the right questions – It is important to know who you are working with so do not hesitate to ask questions. In general, the first question to be asked is how much does the rental would cost you. This is because the person planning the event does not know what else to they are supposed to ask. To make sure that you are asking the right questions, try to get out of the question of price. What kind of experience would you want your guests to have on the event? Would you want to customize your rental to fit to your theme, brand or colors? These are great starter questions to ask yourself in preparing for a conversation with your photo booth company. Other good questions to as are; do they have backup equipment in case something goes wrong? How long were they in the business? If you would need to cancel the rental, would you get a refund? What type of equipment do they use? These are good starter questions to ask the photo rental company.
  2. Providing the extra details – one of the great things about photo booths is that they are customizable in almost any way you would want them to. This would mean that you can choose options to fit the theme and style of the event. If you encounter a company that does not offer customization, we highly suggest to look around for more. The details can be customized are; backdrop, set up style, photo strip template, props, photo album and more. Before finalizing your photo booth rental company, make sure that you listed the details that you would like included in your rental, this way you can find out what each company has to offer with what you are looking for. It also helps with the conversation between you and the rental company. They are the experts in the field and should be able to give you specific details about every aspect of your rental experience.
  3. Customer service – this is one of the most important factors to consider when renting a photo booth. Think about what preferences are in terms of a stand alone photo booth compared with the one that comes with an attendant. For one, if any technical difficulties should arise, the attendant is quickly to resolve the problem with no extra stress on your part. Attendants are great facilitators too and helps keep the lines moving – keeping everyone happy. Whether you are renting a photo booth for marketing purposes or for a simple social event, look for a vendor who will consult with you and provide guidance.