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Measure Results of an Experiential Marketing-Photo Booth Rental Dallas

Measure Results of an Experiential Marketing

It is a different marketing world out there. But even as we’ve moved away from the days when shrewd taglines and product placements were actually the most essential tools in a company’s tool belt toward a world that necessitates advertising to be modern, immersive, experiential, and social, one thing continues to be constant. Marketers and also their clients want to have the capacity to find out precisely how well– or even if– their campaigns are doing the job.

When you’re building out and launching an experiential marketing initiative with a client, regardless of how big or how small, whether or not it is designed around niche technology or it is a building-sized installation, continuing to be on top of all these following ideas can enable you better determine what is getting the job done and just what just isn’t, setting you up to both equally justify future experiential marketing campaigns and in order to understand how to help make them successful.

Evaluate Social Media Chatter

Social media channels are one of the best methods which consumers talk, consequently it’s not just necessary for marketers to take note of the buzz which they’ve taken care of to spark online anymore—it is important.

The particular social media channels through which your experiential campaign is catching on in may reveal to you a great deal about who exactly is taking a look at your customer’s brand even right before you probe further into demographics. Should your project is being Snapchatted, that reveals to you something different from when it is gathering “likes” on Facebook. But while taking a look at shares, likes, pins, and what have you is essential, it’s likewise important to drill down and observe what people are actually mentioning about the campaign. Understand what the numbers are telling you, but also realize what the people are disclosing you in their own voices.

Find out ways in which and also the reason why you’ve impressed a particular consumer segment and after that check out its overall size and importance relative to your client’s brand. This will enable you call a conclusive success the second you see it. In addition to, ingrained in these thoughts might be a bit of sage wisdom about your client’s customers’ attitudes and the things it concerns an experiential campaign that’s clicking with them.

Measure the Impact Over the Long Term

Drawing consumers’ eyes to a brand having a wow element is, obviously, something which an experiential marketing promotion can do very successfully. And yet an experience that grabs customers in the moment but that they then leave actually isn’t necessarily a success. Experiential marketing needs to be about more than nothing but creating a showy impression– it must promote that impact toward continual brand loyalty, helping keep new customers returning to the brand and turning all of them into brand evangelists.

Just how can you measure that? Whenever you are creating an experience, do not only think about immediate conversions– ponder, and set yourself up to assess, interactions far into the future. When the marketing campaign triggers a sales bump, do not stop focusing there– manage to keep logging customer interactions, taking a look at the figures, and taking note of what these individuals whom the campaign brought aboard are doing.

Assess and Track Interaction Data

Traditional advertising campaigns has not consistently lent itself to readily identifying what message is driving which client activity. However, one of the significant upsides to experiential marketing taking us way beyond methods like the simple signboard or even the one-way commercial is that it allows buyers to physically engage with brands and makes companies receive good data with regards to the interactions. Devices such as touch screens– although these function the key purpose of generating a remarkable interaction with a brand– can easily also gather robust information regarding that interaction on the background.

Pinpointing exactly what kind of sale you are actually looking for out of a consumer then running analytics on the data accumulated from the point of interaction to find out the number of conversions happened and under what scenarios may take you far in realizing if a given project was a success.


Groupon Offers and Photo Booth Rentals-Photo Booth Rental Dallas

Groupon Offers and Photo Booth Rentals

There are a whole lot of photo booth businesses available that are really getting on the Groupon and Living Social fad. We do get phone calls asking in the case that we are running any kind of Groupon bargains or if are able to match a Groupon deal that is published. To the disappointment of the customer we constantly say that we could not match the photo booth deal and also never join any type of Groupon kind bargains.

With the queries that we receive, we observe that some individuals store by price only. Which is a big mistake in our opinion. Exactly what the shopper does not know is really that many photo booth companies price way listed below “normal price” are generally start up companies, which might have one photo booth in which has been improperly built in their garage the last weekend break. Their listed below market rates is actually a representation of their desperate requirement available for sale, any sale.

Exactly what the majority of people do not realize is that these remarkable half off bargains really cost the company offering the Groupon not 50% of their revenue but 75% or more! So if the original cost for the Groupon is $20 and it’s discounted to $10, Groupon will certainly keep for themselves a minimum of $5 leaving the supplier with $5 or much less, relying on what the supplier and Groupon work out.

Maybe Just Lazy?

Most photo booth suppliers that have Groupon deals are just plain lazy. Running any type of tiny company is really demanding at times. Advertising, marketing, and also running a strategic business plan takes work. Groupon can be the simple road for the majority of photo booth companies but leaves them with little payback. It appears that the business running the Groupon deal had not also thought of the ramifications of the Groupon deal they ran until they load their entire routine with events which pay little or absolutely nothing and soon they go under or pull no shows, perhaps even at your event.

Getting What You Spent For

You will certainly get what you spend for with Groupon suppliers. Using photo booths as the basic example: if you spend for a cheap photo booth, you are getting a cheap photo booth. The photos will certainly usually be grainy and also indistinct, appearing like they were taken with a disposable camera. Also worth noting that the set up will more than likely be the equal of a McDonald’s Big Mac. It looks excellent on the ad, but turns out to be rubbish in the real world, leaving you understandably dissatisfied.

A Not-So-Sure Scenario

Lots of times these bargains include black out days, only enabling you to accessibility this deal if your event is on a particular day– generally mid-week. If you do get fortunate enough to locate a deal that will certainly help the day of your event, there’s no guarantee that they will even appear. Often Groupon suppliers will withdraw their services on your event at the last-minute or just not show up at all because “they forgot.” Unfortunately, we have seen this too several times at gatherings or from customers telling us regarding their previous experiences. In addition to this comes horrible customer care. Your photo booth will certainly either be self-service (and also you’re stuck managing any type of technical troubles by yourself), or it will certainly have a photo booth assistant that knows little to nothing about customer care. Expect a minimum-wage-paid teen that will likely be disengaged with guests and/or on their phone the whole time.

How Photo Booths Are Changing Event Marketing-Photo Booth Rental Dallas

How Photo Booths Are Changing Event Marketing

Engagement marketing. Event marketing. Experiential marketing. Today, people do share virtually every moment of their lives. They are now fast becoming fundamental pieces in the marketing mix, delivering unique ways to physically reach potential customers, creating a positive emotional connection and provides opportunities for social sharing.

It may become a surprise, but these have existed before the time of internet, social media and smartphones. Brands and marketers interacted with people during events. The main catch was these events are largely limited to those who are physically present. Brands would just hope that their one-off event made a lasting impression and guests might have received a printed photo to take home and put on their fridge, but there was simply no easier way to share and measure the experience beyond word-of-mouth.

Today, the new sharing economy is now taking the control from brands and is now in the hands of consumers. Snapchat stories are being created, Instagram photos are uploaded and Facebook posts are shared. At this point, brands have no input or whatsoever and a few means to capture leads effectively. With the popularity of photo booths is changing that though. Event and experiential marketing campaigns are taking people’s love of selfies and using photo booths. According to a recent New York Times article, “these booths and rooms seem to be the latest way to engage customers and build a brand.”

By using photo booth platforms like Photo Booth Rental Dallas, brands, companies and in general, event organizers are able to create social and shareable experience for guests, while controlling the medium and the overall message. Photos and GIFs can be overlaid with a logo and can even include a unique hashtag when shared. Afterwards, online galleries are created that bring guests back and strengthen connections with the brand.

Event guests just love using photo booths to take great pictures and experience something unique and different. It is also an experience that people will remember and, in the case of businesses and retailers, customers are sure to come back again to take more pictures.

Why Your Corporate Event Needs a Branded Photo Booth-Photo Booth Rental Dallas

Why Your Corporate Event Needs a Branded Photo Booth

When we discuss about the benefits on how your business will benefit in renting a photo booth during your events, the conversations are usually about new business and new forms of revenue. Let us not discount the benefits of having a branded photo booth that are not being used for a company’s advantage. Read on to know more.

1. Exclusive branding for your photo boothPhoto Booth Rental Dallas works with clients to design the photo booth according to brand requirements and brand image. We have an internal team of design experts that will engage you to create the perfect design for your photo booth. Along the process, you will see and approve the designs before we go ahead and brand the photo booth exclusively for you. To get more of a promotional push, add your brand messaging to the design.
2. Increase engagement – engaging with your potential customers is an important part of the event and the photo booth gives you the perfect platform to engage with potential clients. The photo booth not only acts as an attraction but also a good piece to start conversations. Having better engagement with prospects would mean that you can talk to them about your products and offerings in a more relaxed manner. These prospects will feel that your brand is approachable and will have the feeling of light heartedness around the photo booth, making it easier for you to collect data in exchange for the photo prints that the guests will have right after the photo shoot.
3. Creating lasting impressions – the impressions of potential customers can make or break a brand or business. It is crucial to give them a strong association with the brand. Using a branded open air photo booth enables you to create that much needed positive perception for your customers and they can take away these positive impressions in the form of the photo booth pictures. Not only that, you are guaranteed that these photos will be shown to co-workers, family and friends making your brand reach further audiences even after the event.
4. Getting noticed – a photo booth is large, stand-alone piece of marketing that itself will standout and get noticed. In effect, it is advertising your brand loud and clear with a great impact.

Ways How Photo Booth Rental Dallas Spice Up Your Corporate Event-Photo Booth Rental Dallas

Ways How Photo Booth Rental Dallas Spice Up Your Corporate Event

Adding a photo booth to a corporate event can help spice it up in so many ways, especially in corporate events. We all have the experience attending at least one corporate event over the past few years and from this experience, they are a perfect example of events the needs a little more spice and fun because it is due to the nature of these events that they give a hint of boredom and awkwardness.

Here are some good ways why the addition of a photo booth can help spice up your corporate event.

1. Breaking the ice – it really does not matter how much guests know each other. Even the best parties need to warm up a little to get it really rolling. If you are looking for a fun and easy way to help guests break the ice, you would not do it better than a photo booth rental. A photo booth encourages people to naturally interact and having photos taken alone at a photo booth is not really a good definition of fun. Once guests try it, they will have their photos taken with everyone.

2. A gift of everyonea print out from a photo booth might be small in size, but its impact is huge in comparison. It is a given that people can take photos from their camera enabled hand held devices such as phones and tablets but there is something unique with a photo booth’s immediacy. Having pictures pictures printed right after a booth session makes guests feel special and acts also as a little extra reward for being part of the event.

3. Theming your party – there are a lot of ways how you can spice up your party and your pictures by subscribing to photo booth add-ons. On the of the most popular add-on is themed photos. By replacing the standard photo booth background with a green screen, we can place the background with any image you would like.

4. Props – As we have mentioned earlier, small sizes do make an impact. Whether you are holding a themed event or not, adding a props to the photo booth rental will encourage guests to have a good time. It only takes some few branded silly hats and glasses to connect with the guests’ inner child. We guarantee you, guests will enjoy looking at the photos as much as they will.

How to Organize a Successful Fundraising Event

How to Organize a Successful Fundraising Event

When you are organizing an event, you would want your guests to have a memorable and fun experience. For fundraising and charity event in particular, you would want to ensure people are getting the value of their money and understand the cause that they are supporting. Guests should be able to enjoy the event to remember and have them dig deep to support the event.

Here are some good tips to consider when you are to start organizing a fundraising event.

  1. Draft a budget – by determining the costs of holding an event against the projected funds to be expected to be raised is crucial. This will allow appropriate measurements to be taken in order to identify what can be executed to minimize the overheads and overall expenses and maximize the fundraising and its revenue.
  2. Having enough time to plan – time frames must be realistic and must be implemented in order for efficient operations. Try having a couple of months ahead to allow ample time to secure sponsorships, vendor bookings, and of course, to see tickets. This planning component is crucial for effective fundraising events.
  3. Choosing your venue carefully – it is important that a variety of locations are researched, visited and assessed according to the event. The location of the event must be chosen carefully as it can impact attendance, creating the atmosphere of the event and contributes to the theme and the overall aesthetic to the event. If your event’s cause impacts mobility, consider how easy it would be for your desired audience to get there and plan the accessibility of all amenities within the venue.
  4. Find sponsorship – for fundraisers, cash is a considerable helpful contribution. IT is just a matter of allocating funds properly. Remember that the less you would spend towards the event; venue costs, audio visual, printing, beverage sponsors and those alike, the more profit there is to generate from ticket sales. Spend wisely and choose event partners strategically.

Evaluate your available resources – ask yourself, do you have enough resources on hand to execute the event? Or should you be contracting outside help? DIY can always look attractive as the inexpensive approach, outsourcing experts can occasionally be more efficient and cost-effective long-term. Take note that they have experience and are becoming the industry experts as well as they are likely to have connections that could help support the success of the event. Research and allocate budget before making any final decisions.

wedding hashtag - photo booth rental dallas

What You Need to Know About Wedding Hashtags

It is your wedding day. Everyone is taking pictures, updating their statuses and tweeting about your day. Now, how can you keep those posts organized so you can actually see them in one spot so that you will not miss one? This is achievable with a wedding hashtag. Today, we will fill in all the basic details and on how you can incorporate into your special day.

What is a hashtag?

A wedding hashtag is a unique and short tagline that is created especially for your event. It begins with a ‘#’ symbol and is usually catchy and that everyone remembers it and use it throughout their posts on social media.

How do you use it?

Whenever someone posts anything about your day, whether that be a photo, tweet, an update, they include the chosen hashtag at the end of that social media update or post.

How to get guests to use it?

This is now common in weddings – signs at the ceremony site is a wonderful way for people to be informed of and be aware of the hashtag. Also have your DJ or MC announcing it at the reception will get everyone hyped up for your party, taking pictures on the dance floor and posting all about it.

What should my hashtag be?

For your hashtag to be successful, make it something unique that it will not combine with some other people’s hashtags. This is important for people who have popular last names. A great way is a play of words with a last name. Try looking for idioms as idioms gives tons of inspiration for a truly unique hashtag.

Wedding hashtags are definitely fun and keep all your memories safe and easily accessible in one spot all that, with a simple search. To learn more about Photo Booth Rental Dallas or to get the latest wedding trends, follow our blog!

branded photo booth- photo booth rental dallas

Branding and Marketing Benefits of a Branded Photo Booth

If you are creating an event to create brand awareness, reach new customers and clients to collect data, then rent a photo booth. It is your secret weapon to do all of the required. Not only does a photo booth offer a cost effective solution to marketing and promotions for products or services of a brand, it also offers value added solution for social media channels, blogs, and even the press. Here is how.

Getting Noticed

A photo booth is technically a stand alone piece of advertising in itself and that it stands out to get noticed. In effect, it is advertising your brand with a great impact. It also helps in attracting interest wherever it is used. Either in open or closed venues, branded photo booths are used to great effect by incentivizing and diverting shoppers to shop on physical stores, increasing foot traffic.

Exclusive Branding

Our top notch team will work with you according to your brand requirements and brand image, coming up with the perfect photo booth and fill out what is required. In the process, we will work with you and approve the designs before we go ahead and build the exclusive photo booth for you. Not just that, you can also use your specific messaging with the booth in creating more of a promotional push.

Increase Engagement

Engagement with customers plays an all important role a photo booth provides. Photo booths does not only act as an attraction and as a point of conversation for potential customers, it also creates that certain buzz in and around your brand. Better engagement with customers would mean that you can talk to them about your offerings and create a better dialogue. It will give these potential customers a feel of light-heartedness that surrounds the booth and will help you collect data more pleasantly and easily from prospects for ongoing engagement and interaction.

Having engagement mentioned, the point of view of customers will make or break the brand of a business. Giving the potential customers a strong brand association is crucial. With branded photo booths, it enables you to create a positive perception for customers and they can take with them these strong impressions of your brand in the form of the photo prints. Not only that, it almost a 100% guarantee that they will show the photo prints to friends and family, so your brand goes viral without you not moving a single muscle.

Add Mileage to Social Media Campaigns

Not only does clients have fun on the day with your exclusively branded photo booth, they are also encouraged to extend the fun with their branded photos online with their connections after the event. We can help in making your brand viral to friend of friends (followers of followers) and with other social media channels. Because all of the photos are uploaded to your own Facebook page or with our Memory Scrapbook, it is a great marketing tool to get more likes for your Facebook page and as a result, increase brand awareness. We provide a wide range of branded photo booths that are ideal for corporate events, exhibits and trade shows. Contact us now!

team building - photo booth rentals dallas

Photo Booth Rental Dallas: Benefits of Team Building

Team work is often an overlooked aspect in the workplace. This is quite true in larger businesses. Overlooked, but it is incredibly important. Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” It is just unfortunate that believing in the power of team work and getting employees to buy into the concept are two completely different things. There are times that employees can be a little hesitant to work with one another, especially when two companies, let alone two divisions, merge to make as a whole. This is where team building comes into play.

The Difference Between Morale Building and Team Building

The phrase team building has become a buzzword in recent years, with many not fully understanding the concept behind it. Indeed, there is a difference between morale building and team building. Morale building is designed primarily one thing, which is to boost morale. The activities are usually picnics, company dinners and other fun outings. These activities are great for boosting morale but they do very little to foster a sense of a team.

Team building in the other hand is designed to bring both employees and employers together to not only have fun, but also will learn to work together in a positive and constructive way. Activities are designed to empower individuals to contribute to a common goal: team work.

The main advantages of team building are:

  1. Increasing productivity – team building allows everyone to see that everyone has different skills and approaches to a problem. This type of knowledge is transferable to the office environment and team members understand how to effectively use one’s experience and abilities.
  2. Improving Communication – Open and clear communication is the key to the success of projects as well as in the relationships within a company. Team building exercises help improve communication skills and develop their ability to collaborative work and cooperation. The fun nature of team building allows employees to get to know each other also on a personal level.
  3. Motivation – Activities and events designed to help grow and develop new skills indicate that a company is dedicated to its employees. As a result, employees take pride in their job and will work better to reach company goals.
  4. Developing Problem Solving Skills – Team building exercises involves simulated problems that needs to be solved. Participants will feel less pressure compared to when an issue comes up in the workplace that they would need to deal with. These problem solving skills can then be used in the workplace setting.

Providing your team with breaks and an opportunity to connect and have fun outside the regular work-related collaboration will boost the overall corporate culture and make the entire workforce work more productively.