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How to Organize a Successful Fundraising Event

How to Organize a Successful Fundraising Event

When you are organizing an event, you would want your guests to have a memorable and fun experience. For fundraising and charity event in particular, you would want to ensure people are getting the value of their money and understand the cause that they are supporting. Guests should be able to enjoy the event to remember and have them dig deep to support the event.

Here are some good tips to consider when you are to start organizing a fundraising event.

  1. Draft a budget – by determining the costs of holding an event against the projected funds to be expected to be raised is crucial. This will allow appropriate measurements to be taken in order to identify what can be executed to minimize the overheads and overall expenses and maximize the fundraising and its revenue.
  2. Having enough time to plan – time frames must be realistic and must be implemented in order for efficient operations. Try having a couple of months ahead to allow ample time to secure sponsorships, vendor bookings, and of course, to see tickets. This planning component is crucial for effective fundraising events.
  3. Choosing your venue carefully – it is important that a variety of locations are researched, visited and assessed according to the event. The location of the event must be chosen carefully as it can impact attendance, creating the atmosphere of the event and contributes to the theme and the overall aesthetic to the event. If your event’s cause impacts mobility, consider how easy it would be for your desired audience to get there and plan the accessibility of all amenities within the venue.
  4. Find sponsorship – for fundraisers, cash is a considerable helpful contribution. IT is just a matter of allocating funds properly. Remember that the less you would spend towards the event; venue costs, audio visual, printing, beverage sponsors and those alike, the more profit there is to generate from ticket sales. Spend wisely and choose event partners strategically.

Evaluate your available resources – ask yourself, do you have enough resources on hand to execute the event? Or should you be contracting outside help? DIY can always look attractive as the inexpensive approach, outsourcing experts can occasionally be more efficient and cost-effective long-term. Take note that they have experience and are becoming the industry experts as well as they are likely to have connections that could help support the success of the event. Research and allocate budget before making any final decisions.

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What You Need to Know About Wedding Hashtags

It is your wedding day. Everyone is taking pictures, updating their statuses and tweeting about your day. Now, how can you keep those posts organized so you can actually see them in one spot so that you will not miss one? This is achievable with a wedding hashtag. Today, we will fill in all the basic details and on how you can incorporate into your special day.

What is a hashtag?

A wedding hashtag is a unique and short tagline that is created especially for your event. It begins with a ‘#’ symbol and is usually catchy and that everyone remembers it and use it throughout their posts on social media.

How do you use it?

Whenever someone posts anything about your day, whether that be a photo, tweet, an update, they include the chosen hashtag at the end of that social media update or post.

How to get guests to use it?

This is now common in weddings – signs at the ceremony site is a wonderful way for people to be informed of and be aware of the hashtag. Also have your DJ or MC announcing it at the reception will get everyone hyped up for your party, taking pictures on the dance floor and posting all about it.

What should my hashtag be?

For your hashtag to be successful, make it something unique that it will not combine with some other people’s hashtags. This is important for people who have popular last names. A great way is a play of words with a last name. Try looking for idioms as idioms gives tons of inspiration for a truly unique hashtag.

Wedding hashtags are definitely fun and keep all your memories safe and easily accessible in one spot all that, with a simple search. To learn more about Photo Booth Rental Dallas or to get the latest wedding trends, follow our blog!

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Branding and Marketing Benefits of a Branded Photo Booth

If you are creating an event to create brand awareness, reach new customers and clients to collect data, then rent a photo booth. It is your secret weapon to do all of the required. Not only does a photo booth offer a cost effective solution to marketing and promotions for products or services of a brand, it also offers value added solution for social media channels, blogs, and even the press. Here is how.

Getting Noticed

A photo booth is technically a stand alone piece of advertising in itself and that it stands out to get noticed. In effect, it is advertising your brand with a great impact. It also helps in attracting interest wherever it is used. Either in open or closed venues, branded photo booths are used to great effect by incentivizing and diverting shoppers to shop on physical stores, increasing foot traffic.

Exclusive Branding

Our top notch team will work with you according to your brand requirements and brand image, coming up with the perfect photo booth and fill out what is required. In the process, we will work with you and approve the designs before we go ahead and build the exclusive photo booth for you. Not just that, you can also use your specific messaging with the booth in creating more of a promotional push.

Increase Engagement

Engagement with customers plays an all important role a photo booth provides. Photo booths does not only act as an attraction and as a point of conversation for potential customers, it also creates that certain buzz in and around your brand. Better engagement with customers would mean that you can talk to them about your offerings and create a better dialogue. It will give these potential customers a feel of light-heartedness that surrounds the booth and will help you collect data more pleasantly and easily from prospects for ongoing engagement and interaction.

Having engagement mentioned, the point of view of customers will make or break the brand of a business. Giving the potential customers a strong brand association is crucial. With branded photo booths, it enables you to create a positive perception for customers and they can take with them these strong impressions of your brand in the form of the photo prints. Not only that, it almost a 100% guarantee that they will show the photo prints to friends and family, so your brand goes viral without you not moving a single muscle.

Add Mileage to Social Media Campaigns

Not only does clients have fun on the day with your exclusively branded photo booth, they are also encouraged to extend the fun with their branded photos online with their connections after the event. We can help in making your brand viral to friend of friends (followers of followers) and with other social media channels. Because all of the photos are uploaded to your own Facebook page or with our Memory Scrapbook, it is a great marketing tool to get more likes for your Facebook page and as a result, increase brand awareness. We provide a wide range of branded photo booths that are ideal for corporate events, exhibits and trade shows. Contact us now!

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Photo Booth Rental Dallas: Benefits of Team Building

Team work is often an overlooked aspect in the workplace. This is quite true in larger businesses. Overlooked, but it is incredibly important. Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” It is just unfortunate that believing in the power of team work and getting employees to buy into the concept are two completely different things. There are times that employees can be a little hesitant to work with one another, especially when two companies, let alone two divisions, merge to make as a whole. This is where team building comes into play.

The Difference Between Morale Building and Team Building

The phrase team building has become a buzzword in recent years, with many not fully understanding the concept behind it. Indeed, there is a difference between morale building and team building. Morale building is designed primarily one thing, which is to boost morale. The activities are usually picnics, company dinners and other fun outings. These activities are great for boosting morale but they do very little to foster a sense of a team.

Team building in the other hand is designed to bring both employees and employers together to not only have fun, but also will learn to work together in a positive and constructive way. Activities are designed to empower individuals to contribute to a common goal: team work.

The main advantages of team building are:

  1. Increasing productivity – team building allows everyone to see that everyone has different skills and approaches to a problem. This type of knowledge is transferable to the office environment and team members understand how to effectively use one’s experience and abilities.
  2. Improving Communication – Open and clear communication is the key to the success of projects as well as in the relationships within a company. Team building exercises help improve communication skills and develop their ability to collaborative work and cooperation. The fun nature of team building allows employees to get to know each other also on a personal level.
  3. Motivation – Activities and events designed to help grow and develop new skills indicate that a company is dedicated to its employees. As a result, employees take pride in their job and will work better to reach company goals.
  4. Developing Problem Solving Skills – Team building exercises involves simulated problems that needs to be solved. Participants will feel less pressure compared to when an issue comes up in the workplace that they would need to deal with. These problem solving skills can then be used in the workplace setting.

Providing your team with breaks and an opportunity to connect and have fun outside the regular work-related collaboration will boost the overall corporate culture and make the entire workforce work more productively.

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A Guide on How to Choose a Photo Booth

You are planning to have a photo booth at your event but you don’t know exactly where to start. This is a common challenge for anyone trying to plan an event, especially if you want a photo booth. With the following, you can determine how to select the photo booth that is right for your grand occasion.

  1. Asking the right questions – It is important to know who you are working with so do not hesitate to ask questions. In general, the first question to be asked is how much does the rental would cost you. This is because the person planning the event does not know what else to they are supposed to ask. To make sure that you are asking the right questions, try to get out of the question of price. What kind of experience would you want your guests to have on the event? Would you want to customize your rental to fit to your theme, brand or colors? These are great starter questions to ask yourself in preparing for a conversation with your photo booth company. Other good questions to as are; do they have backup equipment in case something goes wrong? How long were they in the business? If you would need to cancel the rental, would you get a refund? What type of equipment do they use? These are good starter questions to ask the photo rental company.
  2. Providing the extra details – one of the great things about photo booths is that they are customizable in almost any way you would want them to. This would mean that you can choose options to fit the theme and style of the event. If you encounter a company that does not offer customization, we highly suggest to look around for more. The details can be customized are; backdrop, set up style, photo strip template, props, photo album and more. Before finalizing your photo booth rental company, make sure that you listed the details that you would like included in your rental, this way you can find out what each company has to offer with what you are looking for. It also helps with the conversation between you and the rental company. They are the experts in the field and should be able to give you specific details about every aspect of your rental experience.
  3. Customer service – this is one of the most important factors to consider when renting a photo booth. Think about what preferences are in terms of a stand alone photo booth compared with the one that comes with an attendant. For one, if any technical difficulties should arise, the attendant is quickly to resolve the problem with no extra stress on your part. Attendants are great facilitators too and helps keep the lines moving – keeping everyone happy. Whether you are renting a photo booth for marketing purposes or for a simple social event, look for a vendor who will consult with you and provide guidance.
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Planning for an Event: Graduation Party

As the weather gets warmer everyday, there is one thing for sure: graduation season is now upon us. Whether it is high school, college or an advanced degree, each graduation party should be filled with good memories. Here are some top tips in creating that perfect, creative and stylish special event that will commemorate this day of achievement. 

Choosing a Location Early

Be mindful – the entire high school or college class would have hundreds of students graduating at the same time and finding a venue for the celebration can get tricky if you do not book the location months in advance. On the upside, the weather during this time of year should be nice, warm and accommodating, which would leave you an option of celebrating the party in the back yard or in the local park. Restaurants are a good option too as many has banquet rooms that you would use free of charge as long as you purchase the food and drink in-house. If you are planning to have a smaller group (around 25 or less), most restaurants can accommodate your guests by placing tables together. On the other hand, if you are inviting a rather large crowd, you be better off in renting a hotel room or another large venue but again, make that you book early.

Encourage Guests to RSVP Early

In order for you to plan enough food, arrange tables, drinks and other party favors, it would be great to have a ballpark figure on the the total number of guests that are attending. Many people when given enough time to RSVP, even if given enough time to confirm, procrastinate. By creating an event of Facebook or some sort of calendar invite on other social media platforms in addition to paper invites, will get the guests reminded each time you would post on the event page and be reminded to be prompted to RSVP sooner.

Photo Booth Rental

 One of the many great features of a photo booth is that it provides guests with instant printed photo strips. These images are great for generating discussion and for sharing with other guests too. What’s more, they are small enough to keep on your hand and can be passed around for some laughs. The photos would also serve as party favors and as a keepsake that can be taken home to cherish the moments for the years to come.

Properly Giving Thanks 

You can assign someone to help with the task of keeping a log of gifts received. Most of the gifts would be cards, gift cards or some checks, which would easily get lost in the mix. Make sure that you personally thank each and every guest as they are leaving. Sending them off with a little favor and memento (photo booth photo prints for one) is an excellent way to thank them for attending.

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Planning for the Big School Event: Prom

If you are on the prom committee, it pays to read on some exclusive tips that are shared by people who had experience in prom planning. Planning a prom takes a lot of forethought and elbow grease. It will certainly worth it to make the magical night happen once you have nailed the details. Now, if your committee is wondering where to start, read on.

Choosing the Date and Venue

The first thing needs to be decided on is where and where your prom would be held. For venues, many schools have their own gyms or auditoriums. On the pro side, you wouldn’t need to worry about reservations and rent for the venue.  For a con, it still a gym. The gym will still look like a gym no matter how money is spent on the decors. If you decide to have the dance on a hall, you will see the dates for the venue and plan the prom around it accordingly. Choices might be a little limited, depending on your location, because halls might be already booked for weddings and so forth. Make sure the venue resonates well the prom-goers as well.


Traditionally, most prom couples would go out for dinner before arriving at the prom, therefore food is usually not a large concern. Although, you would want to plan on beverages and some finger food types of snacks. If you have chosen a hall, it might or not be required to use their in-house catering service. Make sure that this is well defined on the agreement before signing a deal with the hall.

Rent an Open Air Photo Booth

Photo booths are not exactly a growing trend at proms anymore as it is becoming more of a requirement. Today’s younger generation love to take photos and we mean lots of photos. It is just unfortunate that this is not an option with the typical prom photographer though it is recommended that you would still avail the professional, themed and beautifully prom photos to frame and keep it for the years to come. However, open photo booths do offer the group dynamic, props, and the spontaneity that only a photo booth brings to any event.


It is unfortunate to say that security is not an option these days. This needs to be factored in the prom and the planning process. It is perfectly fine to ask parents to chaperone the event but it is also better to hire some extra security guards of some off duty police officers to the event safe for everyone. No loss in asking for help. You might even be surprised to find individuals who would volunteer their services for the evening.

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Spring Wedding Ideas

Spring is a perfect season for weddings. It is neither hot or cold, so if you are up for an outdoor wedding, you can go ahead with your plans and make them come true. The great outdoors do provide a very nice backdrop and the temperatures in spring are more comfortable that the temperatures in summer so it is a good decision to have your wedding during the springtime.


You actually have more options to choose from, you can always use the traditional pastel colors that are associated with the season such as pinks, yellows and greens to give your wedding ceremony a fresh yet classic look. If you are feeling to be a bit daring, you can add colors such as deep reds and oranges as they can help add color to your ceremony. Other color options for the season is by using earthy tones such as ivory, sages and deep browns.

Are you looking for a theme?

If you would prefer an actual theme? Another good wedding theme for spring is actually having it themed for Easter. Because it is more likely that stores are filled to the brim with things that are anything Easter. You can have the flower girls carry Easter baskets down the aisle or to help with taking care with the children, you can hide some chocolate eggs around the reception area.

Booking early

Suppliers are often booked way ahead during this busy time for weddings so be sure to contact your favorites early (photo booth services, band, caterers, and the venue) and you will have the convenience of avoiding any disappointments if things might not go ahead with what you have planned. Today, most suppliers allow you to make a reservation ahead of time with a small deposit even if you are still working on your wedding details.

Add some extra touches

There are some extra little details that can help a spring wedding to stand out. If you are worried that it can become rainy, you might want to consider to have the bride, bridesmaids and the flower girls wear some rain boots that matches their dresses seamlessly instead of heels that might sink to the wet ground. You can also opt to have some umbrellas to tie in the spring theme and have them at the ready in case of the spring shower. Another good idea, instead of having the flower girls throw confetti down the aisle, why not choose to get them to sprinkle flower petals instead? Unique touches like these are appropriate for the theme and are also low maintenance.

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Ways to Keep Your Wedding Day Schedule

Having to plan your wedding day can become an overwhelming task and after all the time spent in scheduling the big day to the detail, it can be stressful to see that the schedule is running behind come show time. Stress should be avoided at all costs and here are some tips how to.

  1. Planning the day rigidly – planning activities in increments of 30 minutes to an hour can spell disaster on the schedules. Try to schedule only the important parts and let the professionals (photographers, photo booth operators, catering) do the rest for you. Give them a start time and ask what they exactly need.
  2. Consider in getting ready first – it is a good idea to have the bride and the maid of honor get ready first for keeping thing running on the dot. The bride can leave if she is needed for photoshoot and can also be getting in her dress while the others are getting their hair and makeup done.
  3. Getting your makeup and hair done at a salon – Salons, as with any other service oriented businesses, do have reserved time restrictions and is more likely to have clients lined up after you or your bridal party. Another advantage of having a salon fix your hair and makeup is that, they can give you a good time estimation how long it would take to get the entire bridal party ready. That will give you an idea on how much time you would need to appropriate to get everyone ready. In the case that you or your bridal party cannot get into a salon, consider to hire more than one makeup and hair stylist. As a general rule of thumb, the larger the bridal party, the more you should hire.
  4. Leaving enough time between the ceremony and the reception – it is important to leave enough time between the ceremony before getting into the party bus or going to the reception venue. By having time for family photos after the ceremony, this would allow services that require equipment be set up and get ready such as photographers and photo booths.
  5. Having a sequenced family picture session – this can help your family pictures run smooth. Photographers do not know your family therefore would not be able to organize what sequence or specific family members would have their pictures taken. Writing a family list in order and have someone to assist the sequence will cut time it takes for photo shoots.
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Tips for a Winter Wonderland Wedding

A flickering fireplace, powdery snow, merry mistletoe and glimmering centrepieces are some imagery that we all associate with winter. The chilly season may also be the ideal time to plan a fun and elegant wedding. Traditionally, many weddings do take place during the warmer seasons but by going against the norm with a winter wedding, you can see some advantages. For example, many venues during winter have their decorations up for the holidays, which helps with the cost of flowers and other needed decorations. Read on to our winter wonderland wedding tips:

  1. Before you book your own winter wonderland wedding, consider the following point in your planning. Take note that Mother Nature is really moody. Winter weddings are ideally cozy and romantic, but sometimes, preparation for shift in weather is not particularly being prepared for. Also, be aware of guests on how they would react to being invited to a wedding where snow can become a potential problem.  Do not just rely on the weather forecast, just be ready when the weather shifts.
  2. In planning, a good rule of thumb is to begin a year in advance. Even with this anticipation, much of the venues will not be available during the summer months and venue availability is not be not goin to be that limited during the winter and this would mean that planning couples will have more options. Another advantage is that, having your wedding during the holiday season will make it easier to take time off from work to enjoy your honeymoon.
  3. For guests that are coming out of town, it is a best thing to ask them to come a day earlier. A light snowfall can have the potential to be a charming touch for the day but always have another alternative plan in case that the weather will sour and becomes an insurmountable obstacle. In the case snow becomes a problem on the day of the wedding, consider proceeding with the ceremony with your close guests and have the reception at a later time.
  4. A kiss underneath the mistletoe makes up for a charming and sweet picture you can later send as thank you cards for your guests. Take advantage of what winter has to offer, think fun and exciting and it will really help you to get creative.
  5. Lastly, give your guests enough time to prepare and plan to attend your wedding. This is actually the key in making sure that they are able to attend the ceremony and the reception during the busy holiday season. You may consider in sending save-the-date cards in advance.

Above all, take note that the holidays are all about family, friends and being around those who you care and cherish. Add to the value of the holiday by having your winter wedding!