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Creative and Fun Ways to Decorate a Wedding Reception

Personalizing every element of your wedding is key to making your celebration a memorable and unique one. One of the elements you can personalize more freely, regardless of your traditional / non-traditional wedding preference, is your wedding reception.

Choosing a theme and planning your reception can be fun, especially when you use your creative side to give your reception that unique touch. Here are some fun and creative wedding reception decoration ideas that may inspire you and get your creative juices flowing:

Dessert Table Centerpieces

Ditch the traditional flower arrangements and opt for a table centerpiece that’s fun, creative, and delicious! You can choose to have your caterer create dessert centerpieces that will last until after dinner, or you can create your own by using cake pops, candy, and chocolate. This saves you money on the floral arrangements and counts as an expense towards catering – that’s hitting two birds in one stone!

Use Photos Instead of Place Cards

Make it easier for guests to find their seats by replacing traditional place cards with their photos, or including photos on their place cards! It’s a fun way to get your guests excited over your reception, and it’s a sure way to avoid confusion among your guests’ seating arrangement (unless you have identical twins on your guest list).

Decorate with Drapes

Does your wedding reception venue look like a blank box without too many remarkable features? The best way to instantly transform it into a magical place is by draping. Cover ugly ceiling beams and plain walls with your fabric of choice, or choose plain white draping and transform its color through lighting. Draping makes any bland-looking room look like an expensive wedding tent!

Add a Photo Booth Wall

Instead of having your guests sign a guest book, why not put up a photo booth wall? Prepare your DIY photo booth wall: get a large corkboard and create a string grid using your string of choice and pushpins. Prepare a large box of mini-clips and put it beside the wall. Place the wall near your photo booth rental, have your guests take their photo in the booth, and tell them to write their messages at the back before clipping the photo on your photo booth wall. It’s a great way to get your guests engaged while getting a unique keepsake from your big day!

Use Lavender as Your Table Napkin Holder

Make your tables more fragrant and the mood in your reception more relaxing with this simple trick. Instead of using the caterer-provided table napkin ties / holders, wrap one or two stems of lavender around the napkin and tie it in a loose knot. It’s beautiful and leaves the room smelling great!

Creative Groom’s Cake

This is becoming more popular today as many bakers offer one-of- a-kind creations customized for your personality. Find a baker who can make an unusual groom’s cake – this will definitely stand out in your wedding reception! The cake could be themed after the groom’s interests, whether it’s sports, music, or something a little geeky like Star Wars (May the force be with you!) or Star Trek (Live long and prosper!). If you’re the bride and you don’t mind sharing the attention, this is a good addition to your wedding reception!

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Be as imaginative as you can! Final tip: choose something that means a lot to both of you, so your guests recognize how truly personalized your wedding reception is. Have fun decorating!