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How to Get the Most with Your Wedding Photo Booth Rental

We know that you have spent a lot of time planning your dream wedding. From the bridal gown, wedding theme, floral arrangements and color schemes, down to the smallest detail like how your wedding cake would taste like.  Countless hours and unmeasurable effort have gone into planning each and every detail. All that time and effort should be truly enjoyed on the day.

With your big day coming up, we thought that it will be helpful to give you some ideas to help you get the most your of your photo booth rental.

Location, where would you place your photo booth set up? You would need to consider some few aspects when you are deciding where to place your photo booth on your wedding. To give you an idea, find a place where there is a potential for high foot traffic as well as it is highly visible. This spot can be in the main room, near the dance floor, the path towards the washrooms, or even beside the bar. If you do not have the space, find a good hallway that your guests would be passing through to go in or out the venue or to get some food and refreshments.

For the guests to have the best possible photo booth experience, inform them on where the photo booth is located as well as the run time of it once you get everybody’s attention. Another way is to have your DJ or MC do the announcement over the microphone. When dinner is on and the MC or the DJ takes over, some few house rules are usually announced and this is a very good time to announce the photo booth. It is also helpful for the MC or DJ to mention a last call photo booth. This to avoid any disappointment for guest who would want to use the photo booth just before the event ends.

Selecting a proper run time for your photo booth rental will maximize fun for your guests. Weddings typically have a ceremony, a break, cocktails before dinner and speeches then a reception until the end of the event. For best results, book your photo booth during the cocktail hour, pause for dinner and speeches then back again after all the formalities until the night ends. This way, having the photo booth during the cocktail time will have everyone mingling as well as entertained as the excitement builds up for the event. Also, more often than not, it will only take a few individuals to get the momentum started on the photo booth and the rest are sure to be following.

Photo Booth Rental Dallas is your go to photo booth of choice if you would want a wedding that everyone will remember and talk for a long time. For your inquiries, please contact us at (469) 608-9280.