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Photo Booth 101: What is an Open Air Photo Booth?

Open air photo booths, also referred as open photo booths, is a relatively new photo booth trend to hit the market. It is gaining popularity fast and is becoming hugely popular with weddings, parties, school formals and even corporate events.

What exactly is an open air photo booth?

The first mental picture that comes to an individual when the term photo booth is the enclosed box found on train stations or shopping malls. Concealed behind the curtain is more likely to be a bench seat and just enough room for a few people to squeeze themselves into. After following the easy instructions on a touch screen or a board, the photo booth takes a series of photographs and prints out the photo strips for anyone to take home.

The easiest way to tell or describe an open photo booth is that it is like a compact, portable photo studio and there is no actual booth that participants step into, but instead a photographic backdrop that people stand in front of. From this idea, open photo booths vary greatly from one company to another and also affects both in quality and the setup.

Why then would I rent an open photo booth over a closed booth?

There are many subjective reasons why someone might choose to rent an open photo booth over a closed one and it is for these reasons that the open photo booths are gaining a steady increase in popularity. The closed photo booth on the other hand is looking to become more outdated. Let’s look onto a few points why an open photo booth is preferred:

  1. A lot more people can fit into a single photo. A closed photo booth has limited space for participants can squeeze into. The camera is a few feet from the participant and is usually a struggle to fit more people to the photo frame. Because open photo booths use a large backdrop, guests can freely into the area and strike a pose.
  2. Lighting. It is one of the few areas where open photo booths really excel. The open setup allows operators to provide quality lighting with flattering yet vibrant photos where everyone looks great (also affects the output – the photo prints).
  3. Accessibility. Open air photo booths are highly portable, the setup can be disassembled and be brought to difficult access areas such as up staircases or narrow corridors. This poses a problem for closed booths since they are most likely to be bulky and heavy.
  4. Fun. One feature of open photo booths is that it is easy for any of the guests to jump in and join the goings-on in the photo booth. Photo bombing has never been easier!

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