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Photo Booth Rental Dallas: Benefits of Team Building

Team work is often an overlooked aspect in the workplace. This is quite true in larger businesses. Overlooked, but it is incredibly important. Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” It is just unfortunate that believing in the power of team work and getting employees to buy into the concept are two completely different things. There are times that employees can be a little hesitant to work with one another, especially when two companies, let alone two divisions, merge to make as a whole. This is where team building comes into play.

The Difference Between Morale Building and Team Building

The phrase team building has become a buzzword in recent years, with many not fully understanding the concept behind it. Indeed, there is a difference between morale building and team building. Morale building is designed primarily one thing, which is to boost morale. The activities are usually picnics, company dinners and other fun outings. These activities are great for boosting morale but they do very little to foster a sense of a team.

Team building in the other hand is designed to bring both employees and employers together to not only have fun, but also will learn to work together in a positive and constructive way. Activities are designed to empower individuals to contribute to a common goal: team work.

The main advantages of team building are:

  1. Increasing productivity – team building allows everyone to see that everyone has different skills and approaches to a problem. This type of knowledge is transferable to the office environment and team members understand how to effectively use one’s experience and abilities.
  2. Improving Communication – Open and clear communication is the key to the success of projects as well as in the relationships within a company. Team building exercises help improve communication skills and develop their ability to collaborative work and cooperation. The fun nature of team building allows employees to get to know each other also on a personal level.
  3. Motivation – Activities and events designed to help grow and develop new skills indicate that a company is dedicated to its employees. As a result, employees take pride in their job and will work better to reach company goals.
  4. Developing Problem Solving Skills – Team building exercises involves simulated problems that needs to be solved. Participants will feel less pressure compared to when an issue comes up in the workplace that they would need to deal with. These problem solving skills can then be used in the workplace setting.

Providing your team with breaks and an opportunity to connect and have fun outside the regular work-related collaboration will boost the overall corporate culture and make the entire workforce work more productively.