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Photo Booth: Timing on Renting

A wedding, Birthday, or any party in particular will always have a timeframe and when it comes to events, timing is everything. For an event to be well-executed, it needs a well thought plan.

Each event vendors’ timing can be generally arranged into three categories; Set up time (set), event time, pack out (break down). In order for the event’s logistics to run smoothly, an event organizer would require all suppliers and/or event vendors to work in total harmony to avoid miscommunication or worse, disagreements.

Requirements for the venue

Make sure to check with the hired venue’s guidelines on setting up. Not all venues have a standard so make sure that all vendors, suppliers, or everybody that is involved with the event, should be informed of the setting up times and sometimes, additional guidelines such as entry points to the venue and parking spaces. Also, take note that some venue staff work well into the wee hours preparing for the venue and there is a possibility that the venue will not open late morning or early afternoon.

Vendor Requirements

You might want to ask a wedding vendor about timing fiascos and they are very open to share a story or two and without hesitation! It is important to note that you are hiring professionals and it is good to highly consider their advice. Trust on their experiences because they would like to bring the best service they can for you. It is also worthwhile to ask the vendors as some requirements might not fit to the bill and may include extra fees.

Time for Setup and Break Down Time

Allocate ample set up and pack out with all the vendors. Make sure that you and the vendor understands timing allocation. Some vendors might charge addition fees for setting up and pack out and some might include it with their packages.

By having a clear understanding, you and your vendor should be clarified on the total cost, set up and pack out times to avoid any mix-ups.

A Win-Win Situation

The best solution is to select a photo booth that can or has the perfect match for your event time. This can save everyone’s heart break when guests are told that the photo booth is not opening until dinner and the very last thing you would like is to have the photo booth seen packing while your event is still in full swing.