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Planning for the Big School Event - Prom - Photo Booth Rental Dallas

Planning for the Big School Event: Prom

If you are on the prom committee, it pays to read on some exclusive tips that are shared by people who had experience in prom planning. Planning a prom takes a lot of forethought and elbow grease. It will certainly worth it to make the magical night happen once you have nailed the details. Now, if your committee is wondering where to start, read on.

Choosing the Date and Venue

The first thing needs to be decided on is where and where your prom would be held. For venues, many schools have their own gyms or auditoriums. On the pro side, you wouldn’t need to worry about reservations and rent for the venue.  For a con, it still a gym. The gym will still look like a gym no matter how money is spent on the decors. If you decide to have the dance on a hall, you will see the dates for the venue and plan the prom around it accordingly. Choices might be a little limited, depending on your location, because halls might be already booked for weddings and so forth. Make sure the venue resonates well the prom-goers as well.


Traditionally, most prom couples would go out for dinner before arriving at the prom, therefore food is usually not a large concern. Although, you would want to plan on beverages and some finger food types of snacks. If you have chosen a hall, it might or not be required to use their in-house catering service. Make sure that this is well defined on the agreement before signing a deal with the hall.

Rent an Open Air Photo Booth

Photo booths are not exactly a growing trend at proms anymore as it is becoming more of a requirement. Today’s younger generation love to take photos and we mean lots of photos. It is just unfortunate that this is not an option with the typical prom photographer though it is recommended that you would still avail the professional, themed and beautifully prom photos to frame and keep it for the years to come. However, open photo booths do offer the group dynamic, props, and the spontaneity that only a photo booth brings to any event.


It is unfortunate to say that security is not an option these days. This needs to be factored in the prom and the planning process. It is perfectly fine to ask parents to chaperone the event but it is also better to hire some extra security guards of some off duty police officers to the event safe for everyone. No loss in asking for help. You might even be surprised to find individuals who would volunteer their services for the evening.