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Spring Wedding Ideas

Spring is a perfect season for weddings. It is neither hot or cold, so if you are up for an outdoor wedding, you can go ahead with your plans and make them come true. The great outdoors do provide a very nice backdrop and the temperatures in spring are more comfortable that the temperatures in summer so it is a good decision to have your wedding during the springtime.


You actually have more options to choose from, you can always use the traditional pastel colors that are associated with the season such as pinks, yellows and greens to give your wedding ceremony a fresh yet classic look. If you are feeling to be a bit daring, you can add colors such as deep reds and oranges as they can help add color to your ceremony. Other color options for the season is by using earthy tones such as ivory, sages and deep browns.

Are you looking for a theme?

If you would prefer an actual theme? Another good wedding theme for spring is actually having it themed for Easter. Because it is more likely that stores are filled to the brim with things that are anything Easter. You can have the flower girls carry Easter baskets down the aisle or to help with taking care with the children, you can hide some chocolate eggs around the reception area.

Booking early

Suppliers are often booked way ahead during this busy time for weddings so be sure to contact your favorites early (photo booth services, band, caterers, and the venue) and you will have the convenience of avoiding any disappointments if things might not go ahead with what you have planned. Today, most suppliers allow you to make a reservation ahead of time with a small deposit even if you are still working on your wedding details.

Add some extra touches

There are some extra little details that can help a spring wedding to stand out. If you are worried that it can become rainy, you might want to consider to have the bride, bridesmaids and the flower girls wear some rain boots that matches their dresses seamlessly instead of heels that might sink to the wet ground. You can also opt to have some umbrellas to tie in the spring theme and have them at the ready in case of the spring shower. Another good idea, instead of having the flower girls throw confetti down the aisle, why not choose to get them to sprinkle flower petals instead? Unique touches like these are appropriate for the theme and are also low maintenance.