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Tips for a Winter Wonderland Wedding

A flickering fireplace, powdery snow, merry mistletoe and glimmering centrepieces are some imagery that we all associate with winter. The chilly season may also be the ideal time to plan a fun and elegant wedding. Traditionally, many weddings do take place during the warmer seasons but by going against the norm with a winter wedding, you can see some advantages. For example, many venues during winter have their decorations up for the holidays, which helps with the cost of flowers and other needed decorations. Read on to our winter wonderland wedding tips:

  1. Before you book your own winter wonderland wedding, consider the following point in your planning. Take note that Mother Nature is really moody. Winter weddings are ideally cozy and romantic, but sometimes, preparation for shift in weather is not particularly being prepared for. Also, be aware of guests on how they would react to being invited to a wedding where snow can become a potential problem.  Do not just rely on the weather forecast, just be ready when the weather shifts.
  2. In planning, a good rule of thumb is to begin a year in advance. Even with this anticipation, much of the venues will not be available during the summer months and venue availability is not be not goin to be that limited during the winter and this would mean that planning couples will have more options. Another advantage is that, having your wedding during the holiday season will make it easier to take time off from work to enjoy your honeymoon.
  3. For guests that are coming out of town, it is a best thing to ask them to come a day earlier. A light snowfall can have the potential to be a charming touch for the day but always have another alternative plan in case that the weather will sour and becomes an insurmountable obstacle. In the case snow becomes a problem on the day of the wedding, consider proceeding with the ceremony with your close guests and have the reception at a later time.
  4. A kiss underneath the mistletoe makes up for a charming and sweet picture you can later send as thank you cards for your guests. Take advantage of what winter has to offer, think fun and exciting and it will really help you to get creative.
  5. Lastly, give your guests enough time to prepare and plan to attend your wedding. This is actually the key in making sure that they are able to attend the ceremony and the reception during the busy holiday season. You may consider in sending save-the-date cards in advance.

Above all, take note that the holidays are all about family, friends and being around those who you care and cherish. Add to the value of the holiday by having your winter wedding!