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Ways to Keep Your Wedding Day Schedule

Having to plan your wedding day can become an overwhelming task and after all the time spent in scheduling the big day to the detail, it can be stressful to see that the schedule is running behind come show time. Stress should be avoided at all costs and here are some tips how to.

  1. Planning the day rigidly – planning activities in increments of 30 minutes to an hour can spell disaster on the schedules. Try to schedule only the important parts and let the professionals (photographers, photo booth operators, catering) do the rest for you. Give them a start time and ask what they exactly need.
  2. Consider in getting ready first – it is a good idea to have the bride and the maid of honor get ready first for keeping thing running on the dot. The bride can leave if she is needed for photoshoot and can also be getting in her dress while the others are getting their hair and makeup done.
  3. Getting your makeup and hair done at a salon – Salons, as with any other service oriented businesses, do have reserved time restrictions and is more likely to have clients lined up after you or your bridal party. Another advantage of having a salon fix your hair and makeup is that, they can give you a good time estimation how long it would take to get the entire bridal party ready. That will give you an idea on how much time you would need to appropriate to get everyone ready. In the case that you or your bridal party cannot get into a salon, consider to hire more than one makeup and hair stylist. As a general rule of thumb, the larger the bridal party, the more you should hire.
  4. Leaving enough time between the ceremony and the reception – it is important to leave enough time between the ceremony before getting into the party bus or going to the reception venue. By having time for family photos after the ceremony, this would allow services that require equipment be set up and get ready such as photographers and photo booths.
  5. Having a sequenced family picture session – this can help your family pictures run smooth. Photographers do not know your family therefore would not be able to organize what sequence or specific family members would have their pictures taken. Writing a family list in order and have someone to assist the sequence will cut time it takes for photo shoots.