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What You Need to Know About Wedding Hashtags

It is your wedding day. Everyone is taking pictures, updating their statuses and tweeting about your day. Now, how can you keep those posts organized so you can actually see them in one spot so that you will not miss one? This is achievable with a wedding hashtag. Today, we will fill in all the basic details and on how you can incorporate into your special day.

What is a hashtag?

A wedding hashtag is a unique and short tagline that is created especially for your event. It begins with a ‘#’ symbol and is usually catchy and that everyone remembers it and use it throughout their posts on social media.

How do you use it?

Whenever someone posts anything about your day, whether that be a photo, tweet, an update, they include the chosen hashtag at the end of that social media update or post.

How to get guests to use it?

This is now common in weddings – signs at the ceremony site is a wonderful way for people to be informed of and be aware of the hashtag. Also have your DJ or MC announcing it at the reception will get everyone hyped up for your party, taking pictures on the dance floor and posting all about it.

What should my hashtag be?

For your hashtag to be successful, make it something unique that it will not combine with some other people’s hashtags. This is important for people who have popular last names. A great way is a play of words with a last name. Try looking for idioms as idioms gives tons of inspiration for a truly unique hashtag.

Wedding hashtags are definitely fun and keep all your memories safe and easily accessible in one spot all that, with a simple search. To learn more about Photo Booth Rental Dallas or to get the latest wedding trends, follow our blog!