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Would You Rent or Build Your Own Wedding Photo Booth?

Would You Rent or Build Your Own Wedding Photo Booth?

Every day, there are ways that makes weddings more and more memorable. Currently, one of the most popular ways is to have a photo booth at your wedding. Although, there are still debates on the best way to do so.

Photo booths are on of today’s hottest wedding trend because it is due to the fact that it not only brings fun and gives authentic experience to guests and the newly weds but they also make wedding photography more interesting and somehow, a little bit different. When couples have decided or are still making the decision in having a photo booth on their wedding, they are often facing a situation: should they be renting a photo booth or having one, DIY style. To give you a better understanding, try to consider the points below:

Renting a Photo Booth

Renting a photo booth will certainly give a better end product. Cameras and printing equipment that are used in photo booths are usually the top of the line and are very powerful. In other words, the photos that are created using a photo booth vendor’s equipment have better printing quality. They are also automated that right after the photo booth participants have taken their pictures, the photos can be grabbed after a few minutes.

If you would rent a photo booth, you will be able to save some money as well. How? When you would take into account the cost of the equipment and the accessories needed for a fully functional photo booth, not to include time and effort, can be of significant investment.

Another good benefit of renting a photo booth would mean that you would have a professional to help with the booth as well as to man the equipment.

When it comes to the disadvantage of a photo booth being rented, they can be sometimes expensive but that is according to the requirements and can be negotiated with the vendor. In addition, the availability can be of concern especially for last minute booking situations.

Creating Your Own Photo Booth

Creating your own photo booth can give you a sense of pride and satisfaction. You will be able to learn something or implement prior build knowledge and skills. Not to mention, you can build the photo booth with family and friends.

Also, if you build your own photo booths, you would be able to fulfill all your whims, needs and artistic expression toward the project. You would also be able to select what background to use, decorations and accessories to add. You can also shoot photos in any way you would want. The sky is the limit and your imagination will be your guide.

After you have done using your DIY photo booth, you can use the camera to any other use you would want. The booth can also be given to other people, sell or have it rented!

The disadvantage of this idea is that the cost of building your own photo booth can be costly, not to mention time and effort to be spent. It is not a good idea to build one at the last minute as you would not have enough time to evaluate the outcome of the photo booth. Having a DIY style photo booth is not good without a plan to be placed.

No matter what option you would choose, having a photo booth at your wedding is a very good idea and your wedding will surely be remembered and cherished for the years to come.